100+ Beautiful Handwriting Fonts Worth Over $1,200

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$29 $1,235






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Provided by MakiPlace

This deal is expired.

You a designer and looking you’re to add a touch of class and elegance to your latest projects?

Good, keep reading because you’ll want to quickly jump on this gorgeous MakiPlace Deal!

Packed with more than 100 beautiful handwriting fonts, this bundle sports loads of extra goodies. Whether you’re designing wedding invitations, menus or greeting cards, this typeface collection is the perfect solution.

As a designer, you need to be working with the hottest fonts out there.

Hot fonts make your work stand out and get you more clients! It’s your last chance to get the HUGE MakiPlace font bundle to make your designs really stand out.

It contains over 100 of our top-selling fonts worth over $1,200.

Here are just a little bit of all fonts in this bundle, please get the bundle to know how awesome they are!

If you bought all of these custom fonts separately, it’d cost you over $1,235.

Today we’re giving you everything in this bundle for only $29 (that’s an insane 97% off!) Best part? All of the fonts are yours to keep forever.

You’ll use these fonts for years to come. Click BUY NOW to get them now.

$29 $1,235
100+ Beautiful Handwriting Fonts Worth Over $1,200

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