WB Partner

What is Partner Add-on?

WB Partner is an add-on that allows Admin add more partners who share their commission with admin. That Partners can add their Accommodation and Tour.

This add-on helps partner following their action via dashboard function such as:

  • Their sale total.
  • Their balance.
  • Total all booking.
  • By intuitive, the dashboard displays by a diagram, optimization by a filter that filter with date, accommodation, and tour.

The partner can manage their services such as:

  • Order: That sum of all orders.
  • Withdraw: That manages all activities to withdraw money, payment methods.
  • Inbox: Allows to send between partner and customer at each service.
  • Manage services: Allows to add, edit, delete a new service.
  • At here, the email will send to partner, customer, and admin when having any changes as a new -booking, payment, canceled. You can config when clicking WP Booking > Partner.

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