Travel And Camping Seamless Patterns

Vector nice travel backdrop in cartoon style with shape. Youth fun fashion background design.

Travel And Camping Seamless Patterns contain 12 vector inspirational stylish toutistic patterns in bright color theme.

Cartoon trip, camping and happy wallpaper are ideal for print, patches, wrap, clothes, greeting, hipster or retro style and other design elements about traveling, world investigation, walking, hiking, happy life and positive emotions.

Fashion cute and funny travel ornaments which such symbols as:

  • yellow sun with cloud,
  • map with pointer,
  • footprint for left and right legs,
  • fork and knife as a sign of food snack,
  • earth planet,
  • suitcase in luggage,
  • check flag as destination,
  • identity document (passport),
  • tent,
  • compass,
  • campfire,
  • arrow as pointer to the path.

Travel And Camping Seamless Patterns include files:

  • 12 EPS files;
  • 12 JPG files.

You can use Illustrator 10 or above to open and edit the EPS file.

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