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May 14, 2018




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A WordPress Custom Fields Plugin for Clever Custom Results
Meta Box is a free Gutenberg and GDPR-compatible WordPress custom fields plugin and framework that makes quick work of customizing a website with—you guessed it—meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress.

There are tons of options and extensions to keep you busy or add only what you need. All the while keeping the load light with our API. It’s also WordPress Multisite-compatible.


  • Swift and straightforward
    No time? No problem! Meta Box saves you hours of tedious work and gives expert results.
  • Ready, set, customize
    Forget pesky presets and workarounds. Build what you want, exactly as you want it.
  • Made for developers
    Lightweight, expertly-coded and open source. Code with our actions and filters.
  • Extend into infinity
    Take it to a whole ‘nother level with extensions. Get a bundle and save a bundle.

Premium Extensions List

Meta Box Builder

Create custom meta boxes and fields using drag-and-drop interfaces.


Meta Box Conditional Logic

Control the visibility of Meta Boxes, Fields and even HTML elements with ease.


Meta Box Tooltips

Display helpful information for fields using beautiful tooltips.


Meta Box Show Hide (JS)

Toggle Meta Boxes by page template, post format or taxonomy using JS.


Meta Box Template

Define custom Meta Boxes and custom fields more easily with templates.


Meta Box Columns

Display fields more beautifully by putting them into 12-columns grids.


MetaBox Include Exclude

Show/hide Meta Boxes by ID, page template, taxonomy or custom function.


Meta Box Tabs

Create tabs for Meta Boxes easily. Support 3 WordPress-native tab styles.


MB Custom Table

Save custom fields data to custom table instead of the default meta tables. Reduce database size and increase performance.


MB Revision

Track changes of custom fields with WordPress revision. Save, compare, restore the changes easily.


MB Frontend Submission

Create frontend forms for users to submit custom content. Embed everywhere with shortcode.


Meta Box Geolocation

Automatically and instantly populate location data with the power of Google Maps Geolocation API.


MB User Meta

Add custom fields to user profile (user meta) quickly with simple syntax.



Pull all meta value from posts, terms into the WP REST API responses.


MB Settings Page

Create settings pages for themes, plugins or websites with beautiful syntax


MB Term Meta

Add meta data to categories, tags or any custom taxonomy with simple syntax.


MB Admin Columns

Display custom fields in table columns in admin screens for All Posts (types).


Meta Box Group

Create repeatable groups of custom fields for better appearance and structure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Meta Box?
WordPress developers who want to save time building custom fields and custom meta boxes. The plugin is a kind of a library / framework that help you doing that fast and precisely.

Is Meta Box FREE?
Yes, the Meta Box plugin is always free. If you need more features, consider buying premium extensions. Remember that extensions are optional. You can do almost everything with the plugin.

Does Meta Box slow down my website?
Absolutely not. Meta Box is carefully built with performance in mind. It loads only the needed modules when required. Even on high traffic websites, it works without any performance issue.

Can I use Meta Box within a theme I sell on ThemeForest.net?
Yes, it’s free and you can use the plugin and extensions to build your premium themes or plugins, and sell them on your own websites or marketplaces like ThemeForest.

Can I use Meta Box on client sites?
Yes, absolutely. You can use the plugin and extensions on as many client sites as you want. That can save you a lot of time working on data and keep you focus on the main logic of the client sites.

How can I get download?
You will get instant download after purchasing. The download link is also sent to your email.

What is the license of extensions?
GNU GPL v2+. You can use them in your free and/or commercial products. The only restriction is you cannot include premium extensions in a free product or share them publicly.

Can I request a refund?
You are more than welcome to request a refund within 14 days of purchasing the extensions. If you don’t like Meta Box, we will happily refund 100% of your money.



  • Marco
    May 13, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    Sorry but what is the difference with the price that I find on the developer’s website? (https://metabox.io/pricing)
    What advantage do I buy here?


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