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Meta Box Conditional Logic

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May 5, 2018




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Meta Box Conditional Logic is an extension of the Meta Box plugin which provides a huge set of visibility options for meta boxes, fields and HTML elements and shows/hide them at ease. Developers can control the relations between fields powerfully and create connections and perform any logic between them.

There are many situation where you want to show or hide a custom field based on the value of another field. Or you want to completely hide a meta box for a page template or a post category. In this case, you need a tool to define the visibility of the custom field or meta box. And that tool is Meta Box Conditional Logic.

The extension helps you to set visibility of custom fields, meta boxes and even custom HTML elements (such as the default WordPress “Tag” meta box or “Publish” button). There are a lot of rules to show / hide elements, such as if value of another field equals, not equals, greater a predefined value or start with a character. You can also combine those rules (such as show a field if user select an option AND the checkbox is checked) to define more complex conditions.

This extension is kind of improvement of the Meta Box Show Hide extension. It has more power, more rules and control more elements.


  • Objects to set visibility:
  • Meta boxes registered with the Meta Box plugin or WordPress core meta boxes.
  • Custom fields registered with Meta Box plugin.
  • Any DOM / HTML element.
  • Lots of operators such as =, >=, <=, contains, in, starts with, ends with, between, regular -expression. All of them can combine with not operator to make negate operator (See the -documentation for list of conditions).
  • Works seamlessly with entire fields included Group.
  • Set the visibility condition according to other fields’ values, categories, post format, post title and all other form elements.
  • Clean and easy-to-understand syntax.
  • Lots of animation.

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