King Composer Pro

KingComposer WordPress Page Builder Plugin with Frontend and Backend Editor

Are you wasting time in manually coding layouts? No more trial and error with shortcodes or CSS! Now you have everything it takes to design anything and for any page. Yes, KingComposer Page Builder works with any WordPress theme!
Just say hello to the most popular WordPress page builder plugin! KingComposer Page Builder is easy to use drag and drop page builder that will help you to create any layout you can imagine fast and easy. No coding skills required!

  • Ultra-high Performance Back-End Editor
    KingComposer is extremely lightweight in performance. We’ve spent many hours developing our own unique and stylized UI ( Drag & Drop, Sortable, Draggable, Render Templates, etc…)
    KingComposer makes it a truly smooth and wonderful experience to work with large amounts of content.
  • Visual Front-End Editor
    Upgrade to KingComposer Pro and get a front-end Live Editor that gives you the best real-time design experience. KingComposer Pro displays an exact preview of content while you edit on-screen elements. You can even preview your content on mobile and tablet devices.
    No need to code like other page builders, KingComposer supports many options with CSS controls for all elements. Design your ideas with drag & drop, copy/paste between tabs, even customize easily from a right-click menu.


  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface
    Lightweight, easy to use interface that you and your clients will love. Creating pages and posts is easier than ever. No programming knowledge required!
  • Changes in Real Time
    No matter where you work; localhost or live host, KingComposer lets you design from the WordPress Dashboard or the Website front-end, in real time.
    As a Website Developer, you know time is money! KingComposer makes all your changes instantly and perfectly.
  • Template System and Library
    Copy or re-use existing pages, save pages or parts of pages as templates. Set default templates for your post types. Access Template Library for free downloadable layout templates crafted by web design professionals and updated regularly.
  • Fully Copy/Paste Elements
    Feel free to copy any element you want and paste it anywhere you need. All copy-paste actions are executed immediately – even copy and paste on between different browser tabs.
  • Unlimited Containers
    There is no limit to the number of rows and containers KingComposer allows. Allow your imagination to run wild! KingComposer will take care of all the technical aspects.
  • Flexible Columns
    Support 5 columns layout, plus the ability to double the last column’s content and sorting columns in a row. Last but not least, it allows you to re-size the column width by a mouse click & mouse drag.
  • Advanced KC Box
    All in One Element: This special element is eager to WOW both End User and Developer since it helps you to build any complex page at ease. Thanks to it, you will be able to design static elements, drag & drop nodes, set attribute, import & export HTML code, visualize CSS properties for each node and more.
  • WP-Widgets & 3rd – party widgets compatibility
    KingComposer is compatible with all default WordPress widgets as well as 3rd party plugins, so it will work smoothly with both newly-created websites and a few plugins built in, as well as huge websites with dozens of plugins added.
  • Powerful CSS System
    KingComposer has super CSS system, allow you customize the styling of any elements in any screen size (Responsive)
  • Support 24/7
    KingComposer support system open 24/7, you can get your response within 12 hours after submitting ticket. We check and solve quick as quick.

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