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Easy URL Shortener With Analytics – PHP MySQL

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February 4, 2018




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This is simple and easy to use URL Shortening script. Most like Google URL Shortening along with some features like adfly. Making Short URL is made simple with Ajax Based URL Shortening. The main advantage of this script is that you can generate unique analytic URL for each short URL. This will show you how many hits the URL received and also you can see the browsers, Operating systems and Referral URLs. With user friendly Charts, user can understand analytic very easy. Also you can advertise in the Short URL which you can manage from backend CMS (admin area).

Easy URL Shortener is a simple and easy to use URL Shinking System. This is complete solution for Analytic Based Shortening for Advertising through giving some good service to your clients to shorten their URLs. This system is made very simple for any programmer can develop further to his requirement. Also the theme is very simple boostrap and URL Shortening is AJAX Based. Users of this script will like this because of the simple Admin Area, where you can manage almost everything you need to do with front end.

There are sample pages for About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy etc. Analytics are based on inbuild function and not Google Anaylics or any other third part tool is used to get clicking statistics. So this is also kind of analyitic tool for users.


  • Bootstrap based Responsive Designs
  • URL Shortening in few seconds
  • Unique Short URL for Analytics
  • No Registration required to users to use this
  • Chart Based nice and simple analytics
  • Manage Ad Skip time or Switch off ads from backend
  • Managing Ad link or Ad Manager Location
  • FAQ and FAQ Management at backend
  • Manage Admin Users
  • Download or View Detailed Statistic Data Sheet at backend
  • PHP (PHP 5 and PHP 7) and MySQL Based
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    May 1, 2018 at 7:39 am

    Keep this going please, great job!


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