We Just Turned One!

One year ago, MakiPlace was established with the aim of providing a place for dedicated designers and developers to effectively sell their items, and for customers to purchase high-quality digital products at affordable prices. Time flies super fast, and now we’re here to celebrate the very first year of MakiPlace. It’s time for us - our team, all shop owners and users on MakiPlace, to cast our eyes over the previous year to see what we’ve done and what we’ve achieved together. GET STARTED NOW!




Top Sellers

The early success of MakiPlace has largely been attributed to many of our talented shop owners. However, the greatest reward belongs to those who succeed in taking care of customers’ needs.

Our Favorite Products

Among various products on MakiPlace, these are the ones which have successfully won the heart of so many users over the year. We’re so proud to have them on our platform.

Our Platform

In order for MakiPlace to truly become a great place for both shop owners and users, we never stop improving our platform, by collecting feedback from users or by our own experience.
Feature Roadmap
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Daily Deals Vendor Dashboard Fonts Preview Pay What You Want
Credits System User Dashboard Purchase Via Credits Search
E-Commerce Payout Blog Pay What You Want

“At the very beginning, we knew our platform might have some kinds of shortcomings. Sometimes it was difficult for us to figure it out ourselves. So that’s why we always try to hear the voice of users and base on that to keep improving our platform.”

Our Team

We, all team members of MakiPlace, share the same end goal. And we always keep working with the deepest devotion and passion to make MakiPlace better and better.
Our Team

“Thanks for the incredible support of the team around me to pursue that crazy new business venture.”

Our Thanks

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