Shop Owner Interview #7: Nelliwinne from Sri Lanka

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There’s a thought that if a man keeps talking about something, he must love it so much.

That also means he must have made a huge effort to obtain what he wants.

Like the story of Nelliwinne Mohottala shared with MakiPlace.

It’s a long story but worth your time.

Hi, could you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Nelliwinne, from one of traditional families of Sri Lanka. I’m now a web developer and can use different programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP.

Let me tell you my story. I was forced to learn ancient arts from my childhood. Our entire village did not have even electricity until my 25. Fortunately, I was selected to Law Faculty of Colombo University, so I came to Colombo (the Capital) at the age of 18.

Then I was curious about IT, especially webs. I eventually became a PHP Developer and now I totally forgot about Law and sadly most of our traditional practices too. In my 2nd year at law school, I understood that becoming a lawyer is a kind of sin and becoming a Software Engineer is an adventure. I decided to start my adventure by launching a company for Web Developing in 2008.

After completing various local and foreign projects, I thought to learn more about developing than designing. Consequently, I started doing web-based software for small companies. Now I have developed fully featured ERP system and new company for Web Based Software.

I have to admit that I have never completed any degree or gone any IT school to learn. Self-study is my path to wisdom. I strongly believe it’s the best way for me.

Nelliwinne Mohottala from Sri Lanka

Nelliwinne Mohottala from Sri Lanka

What are you selling? Why and how did you make it?

I’m specialized in PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, HTML and related technologies like DOM, Ajax, Jquery etc. I develop PHP MySQL based websites with backend admin panel. My products are based on Pure PHP and MySQL. All products are pure and I do not use any platform to build them.

As in my story above, web developing is like an adventure and I love it. That’s why I have always tried my best to upgrade professional skills and knowledge in the field.

How do you get new ideas for product development?

My expertise runs from HTML to PHP. I can say dynamic web developing is one of the best I can do. Generally, I create web tools using databases and flat files. My goal is always to create something which has hardly or never been built by others. Being able to help my clients deal with their issues is what I really enjoy. Most professional developments have been made owing to that. Moreover, handling different issues also gives me more ideas about my development future and international requirements.

Any tips for designers and developers on selling their stuff?

I would recommend this one:

Always stick to your customer’s requirements and their ideas.

No doubt, this will repay you afterward. For example, some clients get $10 script from us and give us $1000 idea to develop its next version. So, the point is to build up customers’ trust in you and maintain it in the future.

Which feature would you like to see on MakiPlace?

Everything on Envato Market. I’m glad to say they’ve done the best in the market, from product categories, product displays to marketing and customer services. They bring out the feel that customers can find anything they want within seconds. In a nutshell, learning from experts is an effective strategy that never grows old.

What are your favorite resources for design and development?

Mainly I use Dreamweaver to develop and design easier. I just would like to repeat that I do not use any platform to build scripts. All are pure in language. Anyone can integrate those scripts to their existing codes.

This guy might be courageous and ambitious for some people while others will appreciate his persistence and effort.

No matter how you feel, he would be very happy if you can spend some minutes in your busy life going to his online shop on MakiPlace.

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