Shop Owner Interview #6: NassyArt from Kyiv (Ukraine)

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It is believed that the best way to learn something is to throw yourself into it.

Similarly, if you want to become a good designer, creating some designs and listening to the voice of customers can be the best practice.

Certainly, it won’t disappoint you, as proved by the case of Nassyart’s owner below.

Hi, could you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently, I’m a graphic design student. Also, I’m working on my design marketplace in the free time. Nassyart is my online shop on MakiPlace.

NassyArt from Ukraine

What are you selling? Why and how did you make it?

Mostly I’m selling hand-made watercolor graphics, artistic backgrounds, and textures, photo overlays. I love searching for ideas and employing colors, layout elements, and other design tools to create my own products.

I just hugely enjoy doing this. Thanks to that, working is not a burden, but an endless source of happiness. 🙂

Where do your ideas come from?

I can say, in nature, other designers inspire me. In my viewpoint, it’s good that we can become the inspiration for one another. This might be seen as a kind of peer pressure, but not that hard. Others’ excellence presented in every design urges me to try more.

More importantly, their outstanding products help to open my mind to newer and more innovative ideas – the ones that keep me moving forward.

Any tips for designers and developers on selling their stuff?

I think there are two effective tips that definitely work well:

  1. Look for trends
  2. Create new trends.

Apparently, nothing stays still, especially in the industry where customers are so receptive to new ideas. As a result, try to keep pace with the trend, or you should be the one that creates it. Becoming a trendsetter, though not easy, is a great choice.

If you can do well one of the two, or both, then just need to reap the rewards.

Which feature would you like to see on MakiPlace?

Preview size as that on Creative Market is an amazing feature. MakiPlace can take it into consideration to put your users at ease when surfing for their products. This feature does save time. Users can take a quick look until they find their expected items.

What are your favorite resources for design and development?

Behance and Creative Market will get one vote from me each.

Most designers know Behance, I suppose. It’s an ideal place for any professional because it owns many things a designer needs, like discovering new stuff or using design tools.

Creative Market is a quite well-known marketplace. It has a significant quantity of daily updated products – an outstanding source of reference for all designers, especially design students like me.

At the end of the story opens a road to this dedicated and smart graphic design student on MakiPlace. Would you mind giving Nassyart a look and delivering some recommendations for her betterness?

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