Shop Owner Interview #4: Tamalabs from Indonesia

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Talking with a designer is no less interesting than talking with a real artist.

To some extent, designers can be seen as aspiring artists with their own works of art.

Especially a font and logo designer – like the owner of Tamalabs.

See where the story goes.

Hi, could you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Tama Putra, a font creator and logo designer from Kediri, Indonesia. My small online shop on MakiPlace is called Tamalabs. It’s my great honor if you don’t mind stopping by for minutes.

What are you selling? Why and how did you make it?

I’m selling fonts and logos. Those two things are my hobby. For me, nothing is as satisfying as finding something new everyday, and then working on it to create useful stuff. It feels like creating a work of art to my own taste for a particular purpose. When working on an idea, I totally put all of my minds on it.

How do you get new ideas for product development?

As luck would have it, my inspiration comes from anywhere, probably since I’m doing what I like.

New ideas can spring to my mind when walking on the streets, sitting under the shades of a tree watching people, or when having a bath. The point is trying to observe and see things from different angles and you might get brilliant outcomes.

Even so, I think sometimes we just need to go with the flow. Take a break when needed.

Any tips for designers and developers on selling their stuff?

In my view making a good stuff is an effective long-term strategy. It’s undeniable that some marketing efforts can help to promote your products and boost sales. Nonetheless, as I see, a good product will be the one that entices your customers and keeps their loyalty in the end.

Which feature would you like to see on MakiPlace?

At present, MakiPlace seems to run well enough, so I have no recommendations for new features.

What are your favorite resources for design and development?

I think I’ll go for Creative Market. I’ve found lots of things there. Creative Market has a wide variety of impressive designs as well as other products, so I can learn a lot from the good ones and keep up with the latest trends.

So how do you feel after talking with a font and logo designer like Tamalabs’ owner? Do you feel urged and inspired to discover his works of art, like me?

Wait, we’re gonna go to Tamalab’ shop together!

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