Shop Owner Interview #24: Habib – A Developer from Bangladesh

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There is a small corner on MakiPlace for shop owners to raise their voices and share their stories week by week.

It is true that the career journey and life lessons shared by many designers and developers so far have greatly inspired us.

In turn, today is the time of Hitechparks’ shop owner – a professional front-end developer from Bangladesh.

Hi, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Nice to meet you. I am Habib, a professional front-end web developer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have a small shop on MakiPlace called Hitechparks but I’m sorry for not having time to upload any item yet.

What are you selling? Why and how did you make it?

I’m a front-end web developer, so now I’m selling website themes, templates, and web scripts. I hope by using my skills, I can help provide those who are in need of establishing a website with a good and easy-to-use product.

How do you get new ideas for product development?

I can say my inspiration mainly comes from Codecanyon. Codecanyon, as I suppose, is a gathering of many talented and professional developers. New and excellent products are frequently updated for you to try and to learn everyday.

Any tips for designers and developers on selling their stuff?

In this day and age, I believe you can always seek for any kind of information you want. How? Oh well, Google is the way to go. If you cope with any question, go ask them on Google and you’ll find the most suitable solution to your problem.

Which feature would you like to see on MakiPlace?

I was wondering why you don’t add total sales for per individual item on item category and archive pages. In some way, it can help customers make a decision easier.

What are your favorite resources for design and development?

Stack overflow is definitely a great place to go whenever I have any questions related to programming. I think this site is so popular and useful that most of developers worldwide know it. It’s like a community where you can get help when you need.

Although Hitechparks of Habib doesn’t have any product at present, it’s worth remembering his shop address on MakiPlace for future visit.

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