Shop Owner Interview #17: Andikafez from Indonesia

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The series of shop owner interviews on MakiPlace has been kicked off for months. Each week, we have a new story to share with each other.

This week, a story from an Indonesian graphic designer will be revealed.

New story, new journey, new experience and new inspiration.

Just enjoy!

Hi, could you tell us a little about yourself?

I come from Indonesia. Now I’m still a student, so I’m creating digital products (font) as a part-timer. I have a small shop on MakiPlace called Andikafez.

What are you selling? Why and how did you make it?

I’m selling fonts. I think that font is a timeless product. People need it every time.

How do you get inspired? Where do your ideas come from?

To be honest, a friend of mine earned more than $1000 in a month, and I think it’s not a small number. That sounds so interesting and inspiring to me. So why don’t I give it a try? Then I decided to jump in the field.

I don’t think getting new idea is a big problem at all. New ideas can come from anywhere, I suppose. Many designers might be with me on this. It comes as no surprise if you get a new exciting idea when you’re on the street or even lying in the bed.

Any tips for designers and developers on selling their stuff?

I don’t have any tips for them because I’m just a beginner in the industry. I began designing fonts in January 2018. There are a lot of things I need to improve. Definitely, I’m gonna share useful stuff once I learn well enough.

Which feature would you like to see on MakiPlace?

At present, I don’t have any recommendations for MakiPlace.

What are your favorite resources for design and development?

I think marketplaces are a good source of references if you know how to properly exploit them.

There is always a variety of product categories for you to examine and draw out the most noticeable points. Besides, social media channels like Instagram, Behance, and Pinterest are where you can be informed of the latest trends in the quickest way. So hope you won’t ignore them.

This amazing guy has created some beautiful fonts and sold them on MakiPlace. Here is the address of Andikafez shop on our MakiPlace in case you want to take a look:

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