#NewInMakiPlace: Search, Menu, Filter & UI Improvements

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We’ve come to realize a truth.

Not a small number of visitors landed on MakiPlace with this question first popping up: “Where is the search?”

As we’ve heard their voices, something must be done right off the bat, like we did with the font preview feature introduced a few weeks ago.

The results come today.

MakiPlace is now pleased to present new improvements for some features, namely: search, menu, filter and other UI (User Interface) improvements on mobile.

01. Search

The story began with one of our clients. Last Friday, he talked to us that he was in need of a brochure for his interior company.

He asked us to help him find this product in our marketplace. That was exactly the time when we discovered what should have been found out before. The “Search”, an important function, was missing. Immediately, we prepared a plan to launch this feature. In the below are some preliminary drafts.

We all agreed that the search function had to meet some criteria: easily noticed and appear on most of the pages without changing the current layouts. After taking different options into consideration, we selected an option which could perfectly satisfy those requirements. The search box is now put above header, next to the logo. This might be considered as a key position on our site, for it is the most clearly visible to users.

Previously, you had to click on each product category and browse multiple pages to find the product you need.

Everything changes. Now the search function will allow you to look for products much faster and easier. In the coming time, we will integrate the search function with Sphinx to enable a faster and more relevant search.

02. Menu

Inserting a search box in header requires careful consideration. It’s not all about how to arrange these elements properly. The point is whether it affects users’ experience on other devices, like mobile, and how to improve that. With this borne in mind, we’ve come up with a good solution.

Now you can use your hand to slide the main menu if your screen is not large enough to display all menu items. Besides, the user menu which was unable to display on mobile before is now rearranged to be a drop-down menu. After you log-in and click on your avatar, you can see the entire menu as on desktop version.

03. Filter

Since the Search box is put above the header, the search function in the listing pages, which is no longer necessary, is removed. The extended layout of product list allows you to view more products on a page. You can filter the search results by product tags or product categories to quickly find what you need.

We hope that the above improvements will help you get more pleasant browsing experience on MakiPlace.

As you might know, we’ve made continuous efforts to improve our marketplace so far. So if the next time you discover something that needs improving or has any recommendations, don’t hesitate to whisper in our ears.

Wait for your news, dear!

  • Diego Pillacela
    June 4, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    The best option is 03. Filter


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