Introducing MakiPlace Fonts Preview

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Designers buzzing around on MakiPlace seeking the most suitable font for their projects might enjoy our new feature: MakiPlace fonts preview.

Why MakiPlace Font Preview?

We’ve invested time to integrate this useful feature into MakiPlace aiming at font products. This feature allows users to preview fonts before making a purchase decision. With font characteristics clarified, no more time and money is frittered away!

Explore MakiPlace Font Preview

The new feature can be navigated by scrolling down to the bottom of each font description section. This is where Font Preview’s located. There are 2 boxes in font preview that users can enter data and see how the font will actually look like.

Text box: Users enter a text string in this box to see how the font will be displayed in different lengths with its characteristics.

Font size: Users click to choose the font size of the text string that will be displayed to see how the font look in different sizes.

After filling the boxes with needed information, the text string will appear in chosen font. The type styles such as regular, bold, italic are also included. Users can modify the string and its font size to discern any difference.

Try Font Preview on MakiPlace Now!

Font preview helps designers easier choose the font with the right fit for any project. If you’re looking for an appropriate font on MakiPlace, don’t hesitate to try this amazing feature today!

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