How to Crop in Illustrator

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In some cases, we want to remove a part of the picture that is unwanted or in most basic cases, we would want to resize a photo to fit a specific dimension. But how do we make the picture suit a specific size without stretching or distorting it? The answer is the Mask Tool & Direct Selection Tool.

The Mask Tool in combination with the Direct Selection Tool allows you to trim parts of an element or photo in your canvas to a desired size or dimension with a drag of the cursor. This tutorial will show you the basics of Cropping an object.

Refer to the steps below:

1. Open the photo that you want to crop by selecting “File” > “Open“.

2. Go to the folder where your photo is located. Click on it, then press “Open“.

3. Once your photo has been opened, click on your photo.

4. Select the Mask button located at the top toolbar.

Click the Mask button.

5. Now, select the “Direct Selection Tool” in the toolbox.

6. In your photo, click on the corners and drag it accordingly to crop the photo. Ideally,
you can click one corner then hold the shift key while clicking another corner point, then drag it in whatever direction to have a straight crop.

7. Release the button on your mouse once satisfied with the adjustment. You have now
successfully cropped your photo.

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