Remember The $5 in Free Credit? Come Get It!

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We still find it hard to believe so many people participated in our free credits program before we launched. We had sign ups happening right up to the last moment. Combined, we managed to reach over 30,000 people all over the world. A huge achievement if you ask us!

We want to congratulate our top 10 referrers:

  • Aman Arora – 281 Referrals
  • Xiang Young-soo – 266 Referrals
  • Zulfiqar Ali – 227 Referrals
  • Cenk Babaeren – 225 Referrals
  • Gulzaman Khan – 222 Referrals
  • Shahbazkhan – 203 Referrals
  • Satoshi Vince – 196 Referrals
  • Lalit – 164 Referrals
  • Sumon Ahmed – 158 Referrals
  • Waves Taro – 143 Referrals

For everyone else, well done applaud you as well! In total so far we had over 30,000 users, which is more than we ever imagined. Now you can spend your credits, and there are many great products at MakiPlace for under $5:

How can I see my available credit?

You can see your available credit by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner.

How to purchase a product via credit?

Just click “Buy Now” as usual on the product page, you’ll be redirected to the checkout page.

On the checkout page, select payment method as credit.

How can I deposit more credits?

You can purchase additional credits here. The more you buy, the larger the percentage of bonus you’ll receive. Isn’t that awesome?

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